Swift Impulse

Swift Impulse is an RnB radio show broadcasting on 88.3 Southern FM. The show airs every Thursday night from 10PM onward, and is hosted by Cammo (Cameron Heyde) and Kristy (Kristy Buchanan).

The show contains a mixture of music within the Urban scene, including RnB, Rap, and Hip-Hop. Our focus is predominantly RnB as there seems to be a higher demand (and a lot more content) around for Hip Hop, so we like to cater for genres that are a little bit more scarce around the area.

The show plays old tracks on occasion and frequently features recently released tracks. During each month we feature a local artist and play one of their tracks each week. On the last Thursday of the month we recap on tracks we’ve played over the course of the month by producing a top ten list.

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