Back In Time

During the last show of each month, Swift Impulse will travel back in time to a certain year in music, to reminisce on classic RnB tracks.

July 26 2017 – 2001

2001, a year when Timothy James McVeigh is executed for the Oklahoma City Bombing, and in Northern Ireland the IRA dismantles its weapons arsenal after years of fighting. A series of Anthrax attacks spreads fear amongst the American public, and several people are infected by handling infected letters. The leaning…

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June 29 2017 – 2000

Ah the year 2000, for me, this was the year I was in year 10. “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” was published, and A destructive computer virus ILOVEYOU spread by e-mail shuts down computers world wide. The Concerns over Y2K passes without the serious, widespread computer failures and malfunctions that had been…

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May 25 2017 – 1999

Let’s get way too ponderous about The Matrix, dust off that copy of Harry Potter, and panic about Y2K all over again, that’s right, it’s 1999!! The top grossing films in the US in 1999: The Sixth Sense 2.Toy Story 2 3. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 4. The Matrix 5. Tarzan This…

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April 27 2017 – 1998

Ah, 1998. A year when the winter Olympics were held in Japan. Free Willy star Keiko the orca goes to Iceland for eventual release back into the wild. A 66-day blackout begins in Auckland, New Zealand. BMW buys Rolls-Royce cars for $570 million Windows 98 released by Microsoft on June 26th Apple Computer unveils…

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March 29 2017 – 1997

1997 A year when Seinfeld and Friends were the biggest TV shows. The year Titanic and Men In Black broke the box office. When beanie babies were the must have Christmas present, and Christopher Wallace AKA The Notorious BIG was shot and killed. Toy manufacturer Mattel sued MCA records over…

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