Cammo (Cameron Heyde) has been a part of Southern FM since 2003. In 2005 Cammo hosted Swift Impulse, with a range of hosts assisting him over the years. On 27th November 2011, the show broadcast for its last time for the year, and the time slot was handed to Dubcage, which followed a different genre of music.

On 30th June 2016, Swift Impulse officially came back onto the airwaves on Southern FM.


Kristy (Kristy Buchanan) studied radio with Cammo, and has hosted with him on Southern FM as a guest over the years. An accomplished musician, Kristy loves the R&B and Hip Hop genre.

Kristy loves a trip down memory lane, and often wonders “Whatever happened to…..” which has led to the introduction of the segment “Kristy P.I.” where she delves into the lives of artists that were widely popular and well known but appear to have vanished from the public eye.




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