Kristy P.I.

Kristy P.I.

Kristy delves into the history of artists who have vanished from the public eye. These artists were typically quite successful 5 or more years ago, but in recent times they haven’t released anything. Sometimes it’s because they’re over it, sometimes it’s because they’re incarcerated.

Whatever the reason, once you have that nagging feeling ‘Whatever happened to…?’ we send out our Private Investigator, Kristy, to find out whatever happened to the artist in question.

So far she hasn’t been chased down the street by any artists when they spot her in her swag hat. Maybe they have and got maced in the process… who knows. What we do know is, Kristy lets you know what the goss is.


October 12 2017 – Foxy Brown

She is one the most interesting and influential rappers of all time — but Foxy Brown’s story is also punctuated by legal issues, health troubles, anger mismanagement and seemingly endless beefs with female rivals. In many ways these have combined to stem the flow of high-profile hits and collaborations with…

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October 05 2017 – Trina

Kathrina Laverne Taylorーbetter known as Trina, first rose to fame in the late 90’s after being featured in Trick Daddy’s single, Nann Nigga. During her teen years, Trina often dropped by her mother’s beauty salon, where she was frequently greeted with gossip and advice about men. Extremely close to her, she has described her…

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September 21 2017 – Cassidy

Hailing from Pennsylvania, American rapper Cassidy broke into the hip hop music scene with his debut album, Split Personality in 2004. As a teen, he was known as one of the town’s best battle rappers; at the age of fifteen, he won a challenge held by the Philly radio station, The Beat. In…

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September 14 2017 – Mase

Remember Mase? Mase was born Mason Durell Betha in Jacksonville, Florida on August 27, 1977. Growing up, he did not know his father. Fleeing her abusive husband, Mason’s mother moved her children to Harlem, New York, when Mason was three years old. He spent his early teen years gambling, cutting class, chasing after girls…

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September 07 2017 – Pretty Ricky

Pretty Ricky originated from Miami, Florida, and initially consisted of Ala Diamond aka “Baby Blue” Smith, “Spectacular” Blue Smith, Corey “Slick em” Mathis and Marcus “Pleasure P” Cooper. The name of the band was taken from a character in Martin Lawrence’s comedy series, Martin (1992-1997). “We all used to dress…

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