July 14 2016 – Big Brovas

Remember Big Brovas? They were an award winning R&B and Hip Hop music group from London.

In their seven year career, they released two studio albums, and eight singles.

There were three line-up changes, with two of the original members leaving halfway through.

Big Brovaz was originally formed in 2001 when the girls in the group (Cherise, Nadia and Dion) and the guys (Randy, J-Rock and Flawless) were working on their own solo material creating beats and tunes, but little did they know they would soon be tipped as the UK’s answer to Outkast and The Fugees.

A year later in 2002, the group signed a deal with Sony and began work on their debut ‘Nu Flow’ which spawned 7 singles, 4 of which went in to the top 10, including the number 2 single ‘Favourite Things’, and the album itself also hit the number 1 spot.

Big Brovaz was now one of the UK’s hottest groups, as they picked up 2 Mobo awards (Best Newcomer and Best UK Act). ‘Nu Flow’ was without doubt the British sound of 2002 and it seemed like worldwide domination was only moments away…

However the band soon experienced what was to be their biggest lesson when member Flawless was caught taking cannabis into the states, the rest of the guys then decided to take a break. The future of Big Brovaz was heavily in doubt especially with Dion also leaving to pursue a solo career.

Nadia Shepherd is not only now a mother, but is still pursuing her music career in the band Booty Luv with former Big Brovaz band member Cherise. They released an album in 2009 called Boogie 2nite.

Rapper in the band, Randy, has changed a lot since 2002, including getting gold teeth. Like Nadia and Cherise, Randy has continued his music career, joining forces with co-star J-rock, who has become a father to three sons, to start their own band Party Dark.

Although it’s not very clear what Dion is up to these days, in her Twitter bio she describes herself as: “Singer/Songwriter/Vocal Coach Music”

Since being fired from Big Brovas for the drug incident, Flawless has faded away and kept a low profile.

In May 2012, the four surviving original members of the band set off on a tour of Australia with three members of pop group S Club 7, but this turned out to be a major flop.

So while it seems that Big Brovas and all its members have vanished. Check out “Nu Flow” below.


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