November 03 2016 – Sisqo

Fifteen years after his smash song about an infamous female undergarment, SisQo is ready for a fresh start.

The Baltimore natives brand new solo album was released in 2015, but has been a bit of a flop.

SisQo – born, Mark Althavean Andrews – became a superstar with 2000’s “Thong Song,” dominating radio and music video play for his ode to that “thong thong thong thong thong.” His soulful ballad “Incomplete” helped solidify “Unleash the Dragon” as one of the year’s most popular albums. The album sold more than four million copies.

An MTV television show, movie roles and awards followed. But after the release of second solo album, “Return of Dragon” in 2001, the platinum-haired performer seemed to disappear from the mainstream music industry.

The singer said that he was black-listed by mainstream music executives after he began to push back against politics within the industry. According to SisQo, differences over collaborations and claims that he was hard to work with created rifts between himself and his label.

According to SisQo, his industry struggles led to the expansion of his independent label, Dragon Music Group. Working together with his distribution company Massenburg Media – owned by former president of Motown Records, Kedar Massenburg – he now enjoys the freedom of being his own boss.

“I’m the CEO,” the singer proudly states, “I get the final say-so.”

SisQo first entered the spotlight in the late 1990s as the lead singer of the R&B group Dru Hill, contributing to the albums “Dru Hill” and “Enter the Dru” before his solo career took off. He has been touring with the group in recent years, contributing to Dru Hill’s latest album, “InDRUpendence Day” in 2010, as well as making appearances on reality shows such as “Celebrity Wife Swap”—despite the fact that he is not yet married–and “UK Celebrity Big Brother” while working on his latest album.

The vocalist became a father for the second time when his son, Ryu, was born in 2012, and his now grown-up daughter, Shaione, has come a long way from the little girl fans remember from the “Thong Song” music video.

“As long as I’m still loving it and as long as it still feels organic and I’m having fun, then I’ll be doing this,” he said.

So it would appear that for the past 15 years, sisQo has been raising his family, and maintaining his platinum blonde hair, and very little else.


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