October 20 2016 – Mark Morrison

Mark Morrison was born in West Germany and based in the UK. Mark Morrison would start his one hit wonder career in 1995 debuting with “Crazy”, which became a Top 20 UK hit and a club favourite. His real hit would come out on March 18, 1996 titled “Return of the Mack” sticking at #1 for two weeks on the UK charts and for 48 weeks on the US Billboards charts. His album also titled: Return of the Mack would release on April 22, 1996 and would become a smashing success peaking at #4 on the UK Charts and #76 on the US Billboards. Earning platinum status in both the UK and the US and selling 3 million copies to date. This success would be short lived, as a string of legal issues plagued his career starting in 1997 with: a conviction for attempting to bring a firearm onto a plane and served 3 months (the same time his album would start hitting the US Billboards). In 1998 Morrison was charged for possessing an offensive weapon, and instead of appearing in court, he flew to the West Indies. He was arrested upon return but cleared of those charges. He was eventually convicted of Affray (assault) for his involvement in a brawl which resulted in a fatality for which he received a sentence of community service. He would be incarcerated for a year for hiring a look alike to work said community service whilst he went on tour. Morrison then reportedly converted religions, and tried to change his name to Abdul Rahman in jail. In 1999 he would be convicted for armed robbery of a bottle shop. In 2002 he was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and car theft, only to be released on bail. A police officer was arrested for suspicion of taking a bribe in return for Morrison’s release. 2004 Morrison spent a night in custody for a brawl where his platinum and diamond medallion was snatched from around his neck. In 2009 he was arrested for an assault in London.





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