September 21 2017 – Cassidy

Hailing from Pennsylvania, American rapper Cassidy broke into the hip hop music scene with his debut album, Split Personality in 2004. As a teen, he was known as one of the town’s best battle rappers; at the age of fifteen, he won a challenge held by the Philly radio station, The Beat. In the early 2000’s, Cassidy founded a music group called the Larciny Family, which he established with a few of his hometown friends. After signing with the Ruff Ryders label, they received their first break when they were featured on the compilation album, Ryde or Die Vol. 2. Due to the success of the company’s larger acts however, Larciny was soon led aside. A couple of years later, Cassidy rose to recognition after winning a battle against MC Freeway.

ollowing the release of his first single Hotel, he released his debut album, Split Personality in the spring of 2004.

A number one hit, it quickly rocketed Cassidy to the top of the hip hop worldit remains to be his best-selling album to this day. The next year, the rapper followed up with a subsequent album entitled, I’m a Hustlawhich managed to peak at number two. Since then, he has released a grant total of four full-length albums, seven music videos, twelve mix tapes and fifteen singles.

Having said that, it’s not to say that Cassidy did not face his own share of troublesin 2005, just a couple of months prior to the release of his second studio album, the rapper was involved in a shooting incident which resulted in him being arrested on charges of murder. After serving eight months behind bars, he was released after the primary witness took back his confession. Just a year after the incident however, Cassidy found himself going through yet another ordeal having been seriously injured in a car accident. He was eventually well enough to release a studio album in the fall of 2007.

On New Years Eve, Cassidy and Swizz Beatz were invited to the studio for an interview with DJ Whoo Kid however it seemed that they got more than they bargained for. Following the Q&A session, the two rappers ultimately enjoyed a ridiculous freestyle session, much to the amusement of fans. The event, which has been recorded as an eight-minute video clip, has since been viewed over 450,000 times on Youtube! If you’re a fan of either of the two (or both), it’s definitely a must-see.



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