August 10 2016 – Lil’ Debbie – I’m On

Lil Debbie is 26 years of age, and she is an American rapper, model and fashion designer. She is best known as being part of the now-defunct group “The White Girl Mob”. In 2012, Lil Debbie started a solo career, releasing a number of singles with rappers “RiFF RaFF” and former White Girl Mob group member “V-Nasty”, some of which ended up being on her first solo project, which was a mixtape named “Keep It Lit”. In October 2013, Lil Debbie released her first EP, titled “Queen D”, and in March 2014, she released her second EP, “California Sweetheart”, followed by “California Sweetheart Pt. 2” later in the same year. In November 2014, Lil Debbie released her second mixtape, called “Young B!tch”.

On July 15 2016, Lil Debbie has released her latest album, titled “Debbie”. Tonight’s featured song is from this album, and is called “I’m On”.


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