July 06 2017 – GMC Three Letter – On A Plane – GMC X Natureboy ft. 360 and Daniel Merriweather

G is an anomaly. G is a paradox. He is strangely familiar, funny but deep, new but old, cool and smooth but awkward and real.

The odds, that a half Filipino Half Kiwi dude, from the western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, has channelled the greats from past and present and also developed the unapologetic international sound that he has, is in lack of a better word, ridiculous.

G always draws you into his world when you listen. Whether he is describing the beautiful subtleties of a woman, flying high above the clouds and escaping reality or celebrating in the club and flexing on the opposition, you will see a part of yourself in him and want to delve a little further.

G has been a prominent independent force within the Australian Hip Hop and RnB scene. With his close collaborator Natureboy, he released a weekly series called the Compression Sessions which received huge cult success with over 389,000 total plays on Soundcloud.

For 31 weeks straight, G and Natureboy released a song a week, which gained so much independent buzz it attracted features and support from 360, Daniel Merriweather, Allday, Scribe, Fortafy and William Singe. The project was topped off with a sold out wrap up party which was held at Section 8, with some punters having to listen and catch a glimpse from outside of the venue.

Leading up to his current solo project, G, Natureboy and female rap artist Kiddo joined talents to form a side project called the AYETEAM. With a flurry of videos released in the last 12 months, the Facebook views have totalled 338,000. The trio have definitely caused some waves and plan to reunite in the not too distant future as the chemistry was undeniable.

is set to build upon the new wave of Hip Hop, Trap, Soul and Rnb with his double EP titled HEAD. Part 1 will be completed in August 2017, with many fans awaiting the new music. HEAD Pt.1 is an Introspective EP with a light, dreamy, almost psychedelic vibe collaborating with the amazingly talented production team the Sutardy Brothers.

With HEAD Part 2 to follow up, G will be teaming up with Natureboy again to treat the fans that have been waiting for a follow up to the Compression Sessions.

You can check out more about GMC at https://gmc3lettermusic.wixsite.com/gmc3letter



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