July 21 2016 – JR Castro and DJ Carisma – Love You Down

Las Vegas based R&B singer JR Castro is finally ready to begin sharing tracks from his upcoming mix tape ‘Songs You Were Made To,’ hosted by DJ Charisma. The project consists of remakes and covers of classic R&B records, that are certified baby-makers.
The rising star plans to continue serenading the streets and the ladies each week for the next month. The lead release off the mix tape is a remake of “Love You Down” by Ready For The World. Over revamped production by The Audibles, JR flexes his falsetto with sexy pleas to drop some deep lovin’ on his lady.


Cammo and Kristy host Swift Impulse Thursday nights from 10PM onward on 88.3 Southern FM. The show comprises of various segments, with an RnB and Urban music theme, with frequent songs from local and international artists.

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