September 15 2016 – 10YRWAR (Part 3)

Monday Cherries – Ft Native MC

At only a month old, Monday Cherries takes its place as my second favourite of 10YRWAR’s music. It holds 1,157 views (with a few more added by yours truly) which I think is woefully short of what it deserves. This track samples Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amour” which adds to 10YRWAR’s overall sound (remember ‘Pure Imagination’ also sampled Gene Wilder – another great song we’ve played on the show already).

Radio Radio

With Radio Radio, 10YRWAR shows a simpler side of hip hop rapping over a piano backing. This song hasn’t made it onto 10YRWAR’s soundcloud but you can find it on 10YRWAR’s own website:
Also show your support by following 10YRWAR on soundcloud:


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