September 21 2016 – 10YRWAR (Part 4 – The Interview)

10YRWAR reveals all in our fourth edition of Melbourne Featured Artist to discuss his humble beginnings. Touring as an MC for electronic outfit Dirty Laundry and Sydney based group Polination up until 2 years ago when MC started writing his music under the name 10YRWAR. We explore the meanings behind his tracks of broken promises and presenting yourself to the world as well as just pure imagination. Then wrap it up with 10YRWAR freestyling in pure style.
Listen to the audio interview of 10YRWAR below this post.

10YRWAR is also featuring in Rev’s on October 21st, for more information go to:


Cammo and Kristy host Swift Impulse Thursday nights from 10PM onward on 88.3 Southern FM. The show comprises of various segments, with an RnB and Urban music theme, with frequent songs from local and international artists.

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